The UN scientists at the IPCC told us in 2018 that we are out of time on climate change and governments around the world need to act urgently and firmly to reduce emissions and implement low carbon economies. The support of the corporate and financial sectors is essential in this. To date, however, these sectors have often been an obstacle (e.g. climate denial funding by oil majors, fraud by automotive sector).

The role of climate NGOs in facilitating this is also essential. It is also essential that philanthropically funded NGOs and climate charities be transparent on their links with big business including financial contributions. So that their content, messaging and campaigning may be taken in context and judged accordingly. Given the emergence of climate NGOs with close links to business it is essential that these NGOs play the role society expects given their non-profit/charity status. That is, acting on behalf of real progress on climate change. is an online resource designed to monitor and publicize links including funding between the corporate sector and civil society NGOs and non-profits, particularly those acting on the climate change agenda.

Press release: Embargoed until 07:00 EST September 20th, 2019

Largest Climate NGOs take $125MN/year from Corporations, including Oil Majors

Key donors to The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, EDF, WRI include oil majors Exxon, Shell, Chevron and BP.

Twelve of the largest US climate and environmental non-profits in the US and UK accepted $125MN in contributions from the corporate sector in the form of both donations and services revenue in the latest years filings are available (2017/18). This total is likely an underestimate given poor disclosure from the group. It does not include revenue gained from corporate foundations. The largest single corporate recipient was The Nature Conservancy (TNC) which received $51MN from the corporate sector in 2018. TNC maintains a “Business Council” whose members include Chevron, BP, Duke Energy, Bayer and Boeing.

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