Based in Boston, US

“Climate change is the world’s biggest sustainability challenge of our time, threatening everything from our economic systems to our political security to our very livelihood on Earth. But climate change also presents investors and companies with opportunities to lead.”

Details of CERES’s climate activities are here: www.ceres.org/our-work/climate-change

Funding and Financials

CERES reports revenue of $15MN in 2017. It breaks out Corporate Foundations & Other Corporate Support at 9% of this with Network Member Dues at 16% and Events and Sponsorships at 7%. It is likely corporations pay into all of these streams, so a figure of 16% corporate funding appears reasonable to assume overall given this lack of specific clarity. CERES CEO Mindy Lubber received compensation of $249K in 2016 according to its tax filing.

Links with Business on Climate Change

CERES operates networks of Companies (50 companies including Ford, GM, PG&E, Apple and numerous US financial companies) and a climate policy network known as the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) with corporate members including Nestle and Unilever and primarily consumer branded firms. An additional Investor network includes numerous pension funds and asset managers.