Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)


Based in Wash DC, offices throughout US + Beijing, London, Mexico.

“We address today’s most urgent environmental challenges. Working in partnership with others, we focus where we’re best positioned to help, based on our strengths.”

Details of EDF’s climate activities are listed here: www.edf.org/climate

Funding and Financials

EDF’s 2017/2018 report (show income of $223MN. EDF does not disclose funding sourced from business. Climate and Energy by far is EDF’s largest program with $83MN in expenses (or 52% of total program services costs). EDF CEO Frederick Krupp received compensation of $712K in 2016 according to 501(c)(3) tax filings.

Links with Business on Climate Change

EDF has extensive links with business.  EDF’s Climate Corps program works with companies and EDF states “We’ve worked with top companies, like Google, GM and McDonald’s, across more than 20 industries, including manufacturing, IT and retail”. Its supply chain programs work with companies such as Walmart. EDF works with ExxonMobil on climate change through its methane emissions program as of 2019.