Who is behind NonProfitWatch.net?

We are a group of professionals within the climate community concerned at the infiltration by corporate interests within large segments of the non-profit and charity movement potentially limiting its ability to driving truly bold progress on climate change. These links may prevent many of these charities to truly challenge the corporate and financial sectors.

Why are you anonymous?

It is likely our careers would be in danger if not terminated should we be associated with this initiative. We are seeking funding for a modest secretariat to progress NonProfitWatch.net and will attribute and make formal the structure in the near future. Initial details on this site are all based and clearly linked to organizational and financial filing disclosures from the entities concerned, without presentation of any judgements. Hence our own identifies are of secondary importance to the actual information at present.

What is your agenda?

Our demand we think is reasonable. All entities operating as charities or non-profits and professing to be driving positive change on the climate agenda should declare their financial links to the corporate sector in a specific, timely and public manner. They should also state how they think these affiliations and links will ensure their independence and ability to challenge companies on key issues such as transformation of corporate models and policy lobbying.

What is your next step?

Our initial focus is on US and internationally based non-profits such as EDF, NRDC, World Resources Institute, WWF US, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and key climate themed groups like CDP. We intend to release a full report sometime in late 2019 detailing how financial links between these groups and the corporate sector may hamper their ability to act boldy on the climate agenda.

How can you be contacted?

Those with verifiable information on links between business and civil society groups active on climate change, which you deem to be publicly disclosed should contact us at our secure email address info@nonprofitwatch.net. You may also offer comments and Q&A on the information presented on this site.