Greenpeace (US operations)

Based in New York with affilates worldwide

“Fighting climate change by cutting carbon pollution and expanding clean energy is the best way to build a better future for our children.”

Details of NRDC’s climate activities are here:

Funding and Financials

Greenpeace (US operations and hence referred to as Greenpeace) reports revenue of $21MN in 2017. Greenpeace states: “Greenpeace does not solicit contributions from government or corporations, nor will we endorse political candidates.” Climate and Energy campaigns account for $9.5MN or 36% of program spending in 2017 according to its tax filing.

Greenpeace Executive Director Anne Marie Leonard received compensation of $115K in 2017 according to its tax filing.

Links with Business on Climate Change

Greenpeace does not appear to have significant active partnerships or support from the corporate sector.