Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)


Based in Wash DC, with additional US offices.

“Climate change is the world’s biggest sustainability challenge of our time, threatening everything from our economic systems to our political security to our very livelihood on Earth. But climate change also presents investors and companies with opportunities to lead.”

Details of UCS’s climate activities are here: www.ucsusa.org/global-warming

Funding and Financials

UCS reports revenue of $40MN in 2018. It breaks 72% of this from Membership and Contributions which it further describes as “individual donors” and reports no corporate income. 39% of spending is on its Climate & Energy program. UCS President Kenneth Kimmell received compensation of $348K in 2017 according to its tax filing.

Links with Business on Climate Change

UCS does not appear to have any publicly declared links with corporations on its climate change (or other) activities.